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Double Bluff: Chapter 1

Posted on 2011.05.16 at 20:00
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Ok, so I know, I know, I haven't been pulling my writing weight around here at all lately. So to fix that, here's some of the fic that I've been working on but haven't been posting. Chapter one of the incredibly long fic (for me) that I've been working on for a while. Bear in mind this is a WIP. I probably won't advertise this around to any of the communities until I've got quite a bit of it up, but I'll be posting what I have got here. Feel free to pimp it around to people you know, I don't mind more readers, I'm just not going to go solicit them until it's finished.

Title: Double Bluff
Warnings: Canon character death, total AU, currently a WIP
Rating: I never fucking know. Assume there will be swearing, but as of right now there isn't any porn
Pairings: This is pretty much a gen story for the moment, the second larger story arc of this will contain Gibb/DiNozzo as the main pairing and might contain other pairings
Summary:  US Marshal Anthony DiNozzo has never been a big fan of kids or bad guys. One of those things changes suddenly when, after overhearing the wrong phone call, he finds saving a particular little girl from the bad guys rapidly becoming his mission in life...    
Author's notes: Many thanks to many people. I blame kathana_grey  for the basic challenge of starting this story and some bits of its plot as this was originally a bunny she basically threw at me and dared me to make work.  There were several people who months ago helped me to beta the first parts of this and then for various reasons had to move on, thank you for all your efforts, darlings! And to Monica for betaing, enthusiasm, commitment through real life crazies, and generally being darned helpful. Thanks also to everyone at the NCIS fangirl gathering who told me to go ahead and write this already.  
Disclaimer: Fanfiction, written for fun, not profit, no known characters belong to me, I own only the words in the particular order I put them. 

Chapter 1: Those Who Listen at Keyholes

US Marshal Anthony DiNozzo had never wanted to have kids. He really really didn’t. He just wasn’t up for that particular type of responsibility. But he wasn’t about to let a young girl get killed either. Or himself for that matter. Looking in the rear view mirror at the little girl laying asleep across the back seat, dried tear streaks across her face, he silently vowed to make sure they both got through this no matter what he had to do to make it happen. How did his life get so complicated, so quickly?

It was only this morning that this whole thing had started, but he’d suspected his boss of corruption for months. It wasn’t any one thing that gave the man away, just a long string of slightly suspicious things that had led to the deaths of a few former mafia witnesses that no one really missed that much anyway. The trials they’d testified in had been over for years, after all.

He’d convinced himself it was just his cop paranoia kicking in and told his gut to shut up until he had real evidence. Who was he to accuse a man with over twenty years of good service record anyway? Less than two years at the job, playboy, frat boy, irrepressible flirt, Tony? Oh yeah, they’d listen to his suspicions, sure they would. Then they’d probably investigate and fire him and send his boss a letter of consolation for assigning Tony there in first place.

So Tony kept his mouth tightly closed on his speculations and played his role as brainlessly as possible at the office. Some days he wondered how many people questioned how he’d even managed to get a job as a US Marshal. Just last week he’d overheard someone asking that very question out loud.

Luckily, playing dumb paid off before getting fired for supposed stupidity did. Today he’d finally caught his boss giving someone a tip about a witness’ location over the phone. Later he’d curse himself for not hearing anything more helpful like the witness’ name or time. All he got was a place. A place he knew wasn’t part of any of his open cases. He’d waited so long for this moment and now that he finally had something to work with he wasn’t going to let the opportunity to prove his suspicions pass him by.

A few moments of frantic thought, centered mostly on his lack of anything to utilize except personal resources, decided his course of action for him. He grabbed his coat, weapon, and badge and fled the office. Taking a nondescript bland colored sedan, he drove to the location he had heard, praying all the while that he’d get there in time to actually do something. He wasn’t sure whether that something would be to blast the bad guy, or to protect the witness.

Twenty minutes later, arriving at a cute well-cared-for house in a DC suburb, he cased the place in a quick drive-by and decided the best approach to getting more information was probably the direct one. Ditching the sedan around the corner, he walked up to the house like he belonged there. Ringing the doorbell, he adjusted his facial expression to the appropriate neutrality so that he could roll with whatever avenue seemed easiest if the door was answered.

The door opened a few seconds after Tony’s knock to reveal one of Tony’s least favorite fellow marshals, Paul Trip. Plastering an ingratiating smile on his face, Tony greeted his coworker,


“DiNozzo,” Paul looked surprised, but covered it
quickly, “Boss sent you?"

"Yup, good ol' Tony, always ready to step in in a pinch. Rafferty got food poisoning." Tossing out the name of the Marshal that had been in the room with the boss during the phone call Tony had overheard should help at least until Rafferty actually showed up.

"You're here for the kid?" Paul looked doubtful.

"Yeah. She's well behaved, right? I'm not so good with kids."

"Hasn't been trouble yet. Here's the location to transfer her at. You're meeting up with the kid's mom who just finished giving her statement."

Tony couldn't quite figure out Paul's expression as he said that. A little girl walked up behind Paul and peered up at Tony. Trip looked down at her and then looked back up at Tony.

"Then you take 'em both to the safe house." Paul looked like he was trying to convey reassurance to the little girl, but Tony saw a feral edge to Trip's smile and acted quickly to cover how disconcerted he was by it.

"Hey little one, what's your name?" he asked as he crouched down to look eye to eye with the girl.

"Kelly Gibbs," she said, "but Mommy says I have to pick a new name soon. She says it's special 'cause people don't usually get to pick their own names. I like Kelly though, the K part especially. I don't want a new name. Mommy says I need one to be safe. What's your name?"

"Anthony DiNozzo, but you can call me Tony, Princess."

"Have you ever changed your name, Marshal Tony?"

"No... I- uh, haven't had to. But if I did, I think it would be cool to pick my own. We can talk about this more later. Maybe I can help you pick out a name. But, right now, it's time to go. Do you have a bag you need to get?"


"Well, go get it, and then we'll go get your mommy." Kelly turned and ran through one of the doors behind her. Tony turned back to where Trip was still standing next to the front door.

"Didn't figure you for this duty, DiNozzo, didn't think it was your kind of thing." Trip had that feral look again.

"Well, you know me, easily bored with routine." Tony shot Paul a wide, completely insincere grin that was all teeth. He really had to get the girl and get out of here before Trip realized that Tony wasn't just playing Good Cop.

Just in time, Kelly came running back into the room with an undersized pink backpack clutched in her hand.

"Ready, Princess?" Tony asked as he took the bag from her hand. She nodded. He scooped her up and strode towards the door. A quick nod to Trip was all it took and they were home free and out the door.

“You take care of the little Princess, DiNozzo!” Trip called out after them, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Oh how he hated that man. As soon as the door shut Tony sped up and made his way as quickly as possible to the car around the corner.

Suddenly he was terrified for the girl’s mother.

He had to get to the girl's mom before whatever was supposed to happen did. Clearly if the girl was supposed to have been picked up by Rafferty, the attack couldn't have been scheduled to happen before they met up with her mom. Unless Rafferty was a whole lot more corrupt than he thought. Was there honesty anyone who could pose as a US Marshal and actually be a contract killer who'd off a six year old? If he’d had to answer that question an hour ago he would have said no, but now he wasn’t so sure. He didn't want to think so. He hoped not anyway. He hoped he still had a chance to save the girl's mom too.

Strapping Kelly into the back seat of the sedan, he pulled out the piece of paper with the address on it that Trip had handed him. If he floored it, he could be there inside of a half hour. Tossing one more look in the rear view mirror at Kelly, he smiled reassuringly, put his foot to the gas pedal hard and prayed for green lights all the way.

Chapter 2 --->


kathana_grey at 2011-05-17 05:08 (UTC) (Link)
You posted it!!!! So Cool. I love this fic.
riazendira at 2011-05-17 05:28 (UTC) (Link)
Yup! Monica convinced me it was good to go. I totally still need to figure out chapter 12, but I'm hoping having the deadline for posting will keep my nose to the grindstone. Thanks for commenting and all the encouraging and tossing me the original bunny! You rock.
freetobemejd at 2011-05-17 22:16 (UTC) (Link)
Still on the waiting to see how it goes...not that I'm greedy or anything like that!
riazendira at 2011-05-17 22:43 (UTC) (Link)
Oh please, be greedy, it inspires me to write! I just had a plot discussion with a friend for what amounts to the second book for this (the first being plotted out already). I have surgery on Monday (I'm avoiding thinking about this) but I figure on attempting to keep writing this story to distract myself from the fact. So... hopefully I will not flood your inbox with too many chapters this week... perhaps just the right amount? :-D
cernicalo8909 at 2011-05-18 14:46 (UTC) (Link)
What a great start and I love that it's Kelly he's protecting. Can't wait for Gibbs to show! Looking forward to more. Cheers.
riazendira at 2011-05-18 18:51 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you! Though you may be waiting a while for Gibbs... he's pretty far away right now.
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